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Intense global competition has resulted in every organization responding to ever accelerating changes at speeds never known before. Continuous change means continuously creating and delivering Value to your Customers.

Organizations therefore need a structured process to bring about change by improving continuously at all levels in an organization. All processes will degenerate just with the passage of time. Solution: Improve Continuously ! Welcome to KAIZEN !


Here are some ways in which our consulting services will benefit your organization

  • Improvements will flow regularly and Not in an ad-hoc manner.
  • Employee motivation levels will be substantially up Without any substantial expenses.
  • Organization will be enabled to control and direct improvements of all employees towards their Business Goals.

Sample Participant Feedback on our various Training Programs

Waste elimination

"…… We saved around Rs. 120000/- each month…  I really give credit to Kaizen and also to my teacher Mr. Patwardhan who made orientation programme so nice that … we really enjoyed and learnt so many things that will help us in our daily life also…"

Mr. Atul Kulkarni,
Kaizen programme Participant from A Large Hi-tech co. in AurangabadIn his e-mail dated April 10, 2002.

"I am extremely delighted to note the significant improvement it (KAIZEN) has brought about in Cost-Consciousness and Wastage Reduction, but also in Team building and Employee morale… I would like to thank Mr. S S Patwardhan, who facilitated successful launching of "KAIZEN" at Bandra Project."

Mr. K G Tendulkar,
Executive Director, HCC, July 9, 1999.

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